Simulation: Ipswich - Container B - 10 Jun 2010 12:01


This simulation occurred Ipswich at 10 June 2010 12:01. 2 people participated and submitted 10 votes between them in order to answer the 10 questions.

Votes from the simulation

1 - What sort of climate responsive place would you use? The decision was to build an ecosphere for the preservation of British species.
2 - What type of emergency kit? The decision was shared emergency kit.
3 - How would the government respond to the climate? The decision was to let the sea come.
5 - How would you respond in a food crisis? The decision was for leaflets.
6 - What kind of volunteer system would you put in place? The decision was for police-run community liaison.
7 - What constitutes the identity of a city? The decision was to save an iconic place.
16 - In the event of an emergency would you withhold rations? The decision was to inform the public.
17 - Would you share your resources with another town? The decision was to retain resources for their sector.
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